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Fight Spam and Save Shakespeare

Oct 13, 12 Fight Spam and Save Shakespeare

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reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. Check out our paper in Science about it (or read more below). A CAPTCHA is a program that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer. You’ve probably seen them — colorful images with distorted text at the bottom...

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How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts And Stop Complaining

Sep 15, 12 How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts And Stop Complaining

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Anybody who complains more than average will have a great deal of negative thoughts in their heads. Often, they voice these negative thoughts, and are seen as moaners and complainers. Here’s how to stop yourself being seen in such a negative light. Thinking negatively can be addictive – just as addictive as nicotine,...

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My Reiki Journey started…

Sep 13, 12 My Reiki Journey started…

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Recently I attended Reiki workshop organised by Reiki healing foundation. . I did my First and Second Level Reiki class in May and 3rd level in August. I also learned Dowsing and crystal ball gazing. I want to share my experience Course content In May 2012 I have attended 2 days workshop which covered Reiki first and level...

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Importance of Personal Branding and How to Build Your Personal Brand

Dec 18, 11 Importance of Personal Branding and How to Build Your Personal Brand

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It was in 1996  that Steve Jobs was reinstated as the CEO of Apple which was on the brink of bankruptcy. The rest as they say is history. The man not only saved the company from bankruptcy but ensured that it is counted amongst the top 10 best companies around the world. What’s even fascinating to note in the saga of Steve...

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Pre censorship of Social Media-Debate and facts

Dec 07, 11 Pre censorship of Social Media-Debate and facts

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New Delhi, Dec 6: Telecom minister Kapil sibal asked The social websites like Google and Facebook, to ensure that uploading of derogatory material is stopped. This was the outcome as a controversy raged over monitoring offensive content on internet platforms. Maintaining that the government does not want to interfere with the press,...

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Today’s Innovations -1st April 2011

Apr 01, 11 Today’s Innovations -1st April 2011

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I am amazed how fast this technology is moving. lots of technology and product there most of people thought its impossible. Lets explore some of recent innovations and fact. 1 – Gmail Motion : A new way to communicate The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological...

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