Any website is useless without traffic. But only traffic is not the key of success. I am sharing my personal experience. I have designed and developed a very attractive website of one of my customer and the website traffic is quite high but when I analyze the traffic source I found only 5% of traffic is targeted. 90% of traffic comes due to unique design of website. That website is listed is lots of CSS gallery.  I know it’s also an achievement as designer but that will not work for my customer business. Major traffic source is from China but website target is USA marketplace.

What to do next? Here are the answers.

Identify keywords

Following are some basic checklist you need to identify first.

  1. Find your competitor and their keywords.
  2. Focusing on generic keywords that gain an enormous number of searches, but which also have an enormous amount of competition is usually not worth it unless the keyword is highly likely to provide you with converting traffic, and unless you have a very big marketing budget. Identify your main keywords. i.e.; your product is soap, your target area is Ghana, if you are targeting pet soap you competition is too high. You can modify your keyword like, Pet soap Ghana, Herbal Pet soap Ghana etc.
  3. Do a research or read research on your industry.
  4. Research on popular keywords. A luxury second hand car dealer, for example, may only want to include the words ‘pre-owned automobiles’ on their web site, and not ‘used cars’. The fact that thousands of people are searching for a used car, and very few are searching for a preowned automobile needs to be communicated. You can use following keywords tool to research on keywords.
    • Yahoo Panama Keyword Tool
    • Google Keyword Tool, traffic estimator, Webmaster Tools; Google Suggest and Google Trends
    • MSN Keyword Forecast
    • Hitwise
    • WordTracker
    • Keyword Discovery
    • WordStream

Wow! I got the keywords for my business what to do next?

Where to use Keywords?

Following are useful tips for using your keywords smartly.

  • Use keyword in your website url.
  • Title tags
  • meta tags
  • anchor texts in incoming links
  • heading
  • Smartly use keywords on your contents.
  • Tag your blog article with your keywords.

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