How to succeed online?Only having an amazing look website is not sufficient. Selling your product or service on your amazing website is admirable. We can get a website in a day but getting a customer through website will take lots of efforts.

Following are some basic step for success online.

How to get customer through web site traffic

Normally people think that having a good website is all you need to get tons of visitors. But getting traffic to your site takes hard work and conscientiousness and is not accomplished suddenly. Think about it this way – how are people supposed to know where to find your site if you don’t tell them? read previous article How to get customer through web site traffic

Show off

You need to show what you are selling you are expert in that field. Create a blog. Write articles on your services; educate visitor about your services, participate in forum activity. Join a relevant forum and answer the question of forum members include your website link in your signature. Above are some basic steps for how to show you are expert in your field.

Landing page customization

This is a very important step in which many online businesses have a tendency to forget. A landing page normally called home page is basically a page on your website which visitors go to first before getting to the meat of your product.

You are basically trying to pump up what you’re selling as much as you can before they get to it. This not only will increase sales but will also make sure people are reading what you have to say.

Wring pages should be focused around the keywords in which you are targeting for your specific position. For example, if you want to promote product X on you website highlight product X through your article, banner and it should be focused. Rather than highlight product Y. keep a separate landing page for product Y. don’t confuse your visitor.

Capturing visitor data

You can capture visitor data through following process.

  • Product update information newsletter
  • Newsletter on your article
  • Signup for Promotional offers
  • Survey and feedback

If you capture lots of visitor data you can covert that visitor to your customer.

Analysis visitor trends for optimizing your site.

You can use Google analytic to analyze customer trend on your website. You can check in which page customer stay long. Where visitors are exiting your website? What are there geographical locations?


You need to work on this process regularly if you want to succeed. These basic steps give you output after lots of effort when you give.

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