Laxmidhar swain: I have 2.5 yrs experience in web designing and 1 yrs of PHP exp.Now I am doing some local projects but I want to work with out sourcing projects. For this, what I will do. please tell me the procedure.

Answer: You need to focus on your core area of knowledge. Consider following point before approaching outsource work.

Make your portfolio website

Make a web identity you can use you’re your name as well or you can choose your company name. If you are a good designer put your best effort on design or Don’t hesitate to pay to a good designer.

Create an impressive website including following.

  1. About you or company
  2. Services you are offering
  3. Portfolio
  4. Contact
  5. Testimonial if any

Find a Source of work

You can find jobs on the web.  Here are some examples of places you could look:

  1. elance
  2. Guru
  3. Design Quote
  4. oDesk
  5. GetAFreelancer
  6. freelancer
  7. Project 4 Hire

If you have nothing to show for yourself portfolio for whatever reason then you had either better be a great talker or find something to put as a sample. This might mean:

  1. Creating an imaginary job for yourself and executing
  2. Offering your part services for free to someone
  3. Talking your last employer into allowing you to show some of your old work for a specific period of time

In any case, only the commitment to client is difficult for a client to hire you. From time to time you will be asked to do what is known as free pitching, where the potential client will ask you to do some of the work prior to payment. Simply do not offer your service as free. Offering a free service will down your value. Consider you are asking your car mechanic that you will only pay when you see desired result.

more detail: