Stop Complaining

Anybody who complains more than average will have a great deal of negative thoughts in their heads. Often, they voice these negative thoughts, and are seen as moaners and complainers. Here’s how to stop yourself being seen in such a negative light.

Thinking negatively can be addictive – just as addictive as nicotine, caffeine or junk food. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop, but not impossible.

Here are two methods you can use to stop yourself from complaining so much:

  1. If there’s anything in your life which makes you complain or moan, take charge and stop it from happening.
  2. Control your negative thoughts so you don’t feel the need to voice them.

It takes hard work to stop being negative – you’ll need to work hard, and be patient if you’re to improve.

Try the following to help you stop complaining and thinking negatively.

  1. Make up your mind that you’re going to change for the better and that you will reduce the amount of negative thinking that you do. Negative thinking does nothing for you except make you and those around you feel bad.
  2. You may still feel negative from time to time, but learn to recognize the feelings you have when a negative thought appears, and stop yourself before you let it go any further. If you don’t stop yourself as soon as you feel it, then your old habits may kick in, and you’ll end up complaining again.
  3. Find a solution. Every problem has a solution. If you look around you and think that your living room looks bad, instead of complaining about how bad your living room is, find some ways to make your living room look better. Once you’ve solved your problem, you’ve got nothing left to feel negative about.

Now I know this is easier said than done, but once you start to focus on solutions and not problems, your mind will switch to a whole new way of thinking, and you’ll develop a much more positive attitude.

Accept responsibility for your life.

This is difficult, as nobody wants to believe that the bad things that happen to them are their own fault – it must be somebody else’s fault – right? However, you can turn your thinking around and look on it as a challenge – you created it, so you can solve it. If you just go on blaming other people, you’ll never solve your own problems.

Getting rid of negativity, like all addictive behaviors, can take a great deal of work, but by learning to control your feelings, you’ll find your life will improve immensely.

Learn how to stop negative thoughts before they start – you’ll feel better for it.

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