My Reiki Journey started…

My Reiki Journey started…

Recently I attended Reiki workshop organised by Reiki healing foundation. . I did my First and Second Level Reiki class in May and 3rd level in August. I also learned Dowsing and crystal ball gazing. I want to share my experience

Course content

In May 2012 I have attended 2 days workshop which covered Reiki first and level workshop.

In that great workshop I learned following

  1. Self Reiki healing
  2. Reiki healing to others which include distance healing, Reiki healing to living and non living
  3. Aura Cleaning and Aura feeling
  4. Vastu Cleaning
  5. Mind Power which include Telepathy, intuition etc
  6. Food Habit
  7. Meditation
  8. Chakra balancing

After that workshop I attended workshop on dowsing where I learned various technique of Dowsing.

In August I attended workshop for Reiki 3rd level. In 3rd level I leaned more powerful healing technique of healing, kinesiology, psychic surgery and meditation.

Healing Experience

I started giving Reiki to person around me and found a great response of healing. As I forgot while cleaning process I may suffer some issue. While 21 days self heeling session I found that I have problem of pilonidal cyst. That’s give me a very painful experience.  All night I am not able to sleep, sit and walk. Smell of that abscess was very bad.

Lots of friend suggests me to go to doctor take pain killer and antibiotics but I have not given up, I keep giving Reiki to myself and meditate. Doing meditation is so difficult, as I am not able to concentrate due to pain.

By using natural remedies and help of other Reiki channels I cured my pilonidal cyst within 10 days.

After that I have heeled lots of successful case, all who believed in Reiki got healed properly.


I have given a short experience. I will suggest all readers to learn Reiki and change your life and others life around you. From June 2012 not a single medicine I bought for me of any of my family members.

My life is totally transformed due to meditation and Reiki.