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Laxmidhar swain: I have 2.5 yrs experience in web designing and 1 yrs of PHP exp.Now I am doing some local projects but I want to work with out sourcing projects. For this, what I will do. please tell me the procedure.

Answer: You need to focus on your core area of knowledge. Consider following point before approaching outsource work.

Make your portfolio website

Make a web identity you can use you’re your name as well or you can choose your company name. If you are a good designer put your best effort on design or Don’t hesitate to pay to a good designer.

Create an impressive website including following.

  1. About you or company
  2. Services you are offering
  3. Portfolio
  4. Contact
  5. Testimonial if any

Find a Source of work

You can find jobs on the web.  Here are some examples of places you could look:

  1. elance
  2. Guru
  3. Design Quote
  4. oDesk
  5. GetAFreelancer
  6. freelancer
  7. Project 4 Hire

If you have nothing to show for yourself portfolio for whatever reason then you had either better be a great talker or find something to put as a sample. This might mean:

  1. Creating an imaginary job for yourself and executing
  2. Offering your part services for free to someone
  3. Talking your last employer into allowing you to show some of your old work for a specific period of time

In any case, only the commitment to client is difficult for a client to hire you. From time to time you will be asked to do what is known as free pitching, where the potential client will ask you to do some of the work prior to payment. Simply do not offer your service as free. Offering a free service will down your value. Consider you are asking your car mechanic that you will only pay when you see desired result.

more detail:


hello pankaj,
i m sharad working in software company. can u guide me about me .htaccess file. In that i m working on dynamic websites where i use .htaccess file.where i use a only one file for produts (products.php).in each link the query string genrates i want
can u guide i m new in .htaccess file


Sharad You can find lots of .htaccess tutorial on web. You can try to search Google for your need. Please go through This Link have a good description on .htaccess rewrite. I am busy with some work i will post your solution soon. Thanks for asking me.

Mostly used programming languages and their programming advantages.

Nowadays, world wide clients are demanding for cost effective solutions along with high-performance speedy development. In recent internet marketing arena, designing a good website template and placing unique and relevant content is not enough for a profitable web businesses. Web programming is getting more value in terms of building flexible websites. Web programmers are skilled in many programing platforms and satisfying the clients with their expertise.In recent web industry as well as in software industry there are mainly three types of programming platforms getting famous in regards to their superb resource, their security and easy availability in the market and they are PHP platform, dot net platform and the java platform. These three programming platforms have their own advantages according to their work procedures 

Advantages of Java programming

  1. As a programming language Java is secure, multi threaded, distributed, high-performance, object-oriented, robust, dynamic and portable in nature.
  2. Java applets are platform independent and utilized for web programming.
  3. Mobile applications made by Java is fully compatible with any mobile operating systems. In software development this is denoted as prime feature of Java mobile applications.
  4. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Remote method Invocation (RMI) are globally accepted architecture for distributed systems.
  5. Struts, CORBA, Hibernate, DAO are widely accepted Java architectures which fully support internationalization (i18n) for enterprise applications.
  6. In Java programing, we can use any kind of database (paid or non-paid) as per the client’s requirement, i.e. for choosing database, Java programming language does not create any burden.
  7. We all know that Java is a open source programming language and it is easily available in the market without any hassle.

Advantages of Dot Net programming

  1. In Dot Net programing the programming codes and the HTML exist in different files.
  2. Dot Net frame works are hugely used for doing specific applications.
  3. Automatic garbage collection is possible in Dot Net programming.
  4. Dot Net uses safe type cast and Strong and powerful IDE’s for better and faster application development.
  5. As this is a consistent programming model, it has got the direct support for security, in short Dot Net is highly secured programming language.
  6. Dot Net provides an attribute called Serialization which is used for publishing or producing an item in the form of a series of information bits.
  7. It is language independent, so if the team has multiple skill expertise like C#, Dot Net, C++, developers can still work on the same project with different skills set.
  8. MS technologies provides RAD (rapid application development) to deliver project faster, because customers always prefer faster delivery.
  9. Dot Net debugging is very effort-less therefore, can fix the bugs quicker.

Advantages of PHP programming

  1. This programing language is accepted by maximum web programmers for its open source features.
  2. PHP is a server side programming language that is widely used for web programming.
  3. PHP language has some similarity with C and C++ programming. PHP syntax is quite similar to C and C++ syntax thus, a PHP programmer can easily learn it and make use of it in their respective works.
  4. PHP programming language can run on both Windows and UNIX servers.
  5. My-SQL is well known online database and can be interfaced very well with PHP. Therefore, PHP and My-SQL are an excellent combination for small business owners.
  6. PHP language has got the powerful output buffering techniques that further increases over the output flow.
  7. PHP can be used with a large number of relational database management systems, runs on all of the most popular web servers.
  8. PHP5 is dynamic, platform independent and fully object oriented language that helps to build complex and large web applications.

About the Author

Joanna Gadel has the creative knowledge as a Software developer and her educational articles on PHP programming helps her readers to better understanding in recent programing arena.

All WordPressTags display

I want to achieve a tag cloud like my website banner. after lots of research on net i decide to write my own code.

I have incorporated following code in my header.php

 $tag = wp_tag_cloud('smallest=30&largest=30&number=45&orderby=count&order=DESC&unit=px&format=array' );
foreach( $tag as $item) {
     echo "<" . $item . "> ";

Let me know is any other way to achieve it.

W3CDTF date in PHP

To create a date time in the W3CDTF format (used in RSS feeds).W3CDTF date format is required for RSS validation. Use following PHP code.

echo $date;

above code will give  output like : 2009-01-28T01:49:16-07:00