Search of better CMS end with MODx

After 3 year of research on opensource cms i finaly decided use MODx for my all web need. I have done 2 website in Joomla, 4-5 website with typo3 and 4 WordPress blog. I was very satisfied with templating feature of typo3 specially there templovoila and tree structure of page view but when i use MODx for my first web website its amazing. following feature impress me very much.

  • Fast and clean admin panel.
  • As a SEO expert i need full control of of content. I found managing content through MODx is amazing.
  • maxiGallary advanced gallery plugin.
  • Better real url control.
  • Generate cms output in xml, xhtml, json(javascript) so we can use this cms for flash website too.
  • Featured frontend content editing.
  • very easy to setup.
  • and more…

I amazed that i completed first website in MODx in 6 hour with all content and real url setup. i spend 4 day to understand templating of typo3 first website.

I am planning to teach my web design techniques in bhubaneswar. contact me for detail.

WordPress best blogging solution

After lot’s of effort working on typo3 I have decided to use WordPress as my blogging needs. Making a custom look website in typo3 is quite simple with knowledge of typoscript but setting a blog on TYPO3 is very tough. following are some point which is support my decision.

  1. I have tried, t3blog and wec plugins for TYPO3, its take lots of time to setup.
  2. TYPO3 take too much of time to set real url or cooluri for SEO needs
  3. Duplicate url problem due to home page shortcut. I spent again lot’s of time to fix it.
  4. finely I had very less time to add ads in wec forum so I moved to word press.

I hope my experience will help some one to choose their Bloging platform.