Search of better CMS end with MODx

After 3 year of research on opensource cms i finaly decided use MODx for my all web need. I have done 2 website in Joomla, 4-5 website with typo3 and 4 WordPress blog. I was very satisfied with templating feature of typo3 specially there templovoila and tree structure of page view but when i use MODx for my first web website its amazing. following feature impress me very much.

  • Fast and clean admin panel.
  • As a SEO expert i need full control of of content. I found managing content through MODx is amazing.
  • maxiGallary advanced gallery plugin.
  • Better real url control.
  • Generate cms output in xml, xhtml, json(javascript) so we can use this cms for flash website too.
  • Featured frontend content editing.
  • very easy to setup.
  • and more…

I amazed that i completed first website in MODx in 6 hour with all content and real url setup. i spend 4 day to understand templating of typo3 first website.

I am planning to teach my web design techniques in bhubaneswar. contact me for detail.

W3CDTF date in PHP

To create a date time in the W3CDTF format (used in RSS feeds).W3CDTF date format is required for RSS validation. Use following PHP code.

echo $date;

above code will giveĀ  output like : 2009-01-28T01:49:16-07:00