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Below are some professional thought about Pankaj Pandey.

Sunil Patnaik

I have worked with many different people on the development of separate web sites, creative projects over the last year, Pankaj has been a joy to work with since day one. He is open to Sharing of ideas and listening to the suggestions and all this makes working with him extremely comfortable, and he is tremendously helpful. I was amazed at his talents, professionalism, and dedication.  He motivates one to deliver and at the same time demonstrates the highest degree of competency in web site development and design. Pankaj has the ability to listen carefully to the customer and colleagues and then translate that information creatively into the web site design the customer wants. I should also mention that Pankaj is very self-effacing and that makes him remarkably easy to work with.

Pankaj has the ability to take ideas and turn them into reality in a manner which is very cost effective and with exceptional quality. I would highly recommend Pankaj to anyone ready to take their business and branding to the next level.

Jayshree Das

By far he is the most unresponsive person i have ever come across. He might pretend to hear but actually he does not give any heed to your words unless you shout at the peak of your voice. However, he is professional and very sincere at his work.As a colleague I can say that he has been a motivating team leader. He can prove his point due to clarity of thought.Where ever he goes he will make a name for himself which owes to the dedication for what he does.

Mohit Sawhney

I have known Pankaj since five years , he assisted me during my tenure at Sitlax India , Buying Office based in Delhi NCR . From very beginning he was passionate about his job n designing … He use to have new & innovative ideas about designing , we started 3D desigining for our business which was really a benchmark for our type of Industry at that time , managment really appreciated his thoughts n Ideas on designing , his clarity on the subject was very good , you just had to exdplain him what needs to be done & rest assured it use to come out the way you wanted. He is a Team Player & can work in a team , which is very good for his type of industry in particular , He is ready to take challanges & is always passionate about learning new things … He is also multi tasking which is very necessary at this point in time … The above qualities would always make him assest for the companies in whichever he works.

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